Concert with The Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra  March 2, 2010 YOU TUBE

Elsie Parker performs the following  15 songs

in French with symphonic orchestrations:

1) "La vie en rose" by Edith Piaf/Luiguy      Orchestrated by Larry Blank

2) "Elle se souvient" (She Remembers)  Words by M. Toussaint, music by Elsie Parker   Orchestrated by N. Wayland 

3) "Et maintenant" (What Now, My Love) by P. Delanoe/G. Becaud    Orchestrated by  Larry Blank

4) "La foule" (The Crowd) Words by M. Rivgauche, music by A. Cabral     Orchestrated by Newt  Wayland

Elsie singing La Foule Nov 01(c).jpg (36617 bytes)

Elsie performing "La foule" with the The Jacksonville Orchestra, 

Garrett Allman, conductor

5) Les moulins de mon coeur ("Windmills of Your Mind") Music by Michel Legrand Orchestrated by Larry  Blank

Powell Hall concert cc.jpg (58230 bytes)

Elsie singing at Powell Hall, St. Louis, Missouri 

6) Les flons-flons du bal (The Racket from the Dance Hall)   Words by M. Vaucaire   Music by C. Dumont   Orchestrated by Newt Wayland

7) La mer  (Somewhere Beyond the Sea) by Charles Trenet     Orchestrated by Larry Blank

8) Un homme et une femme (A Man and a Woman) Words by P. Barouh Music by  F. Lai        Orchestrated by T. Leonetti

9) "La poule de Pigalle" Words by M. Toussaint, music by Elsie Parker   Orchestrated by Newt Wayland

10) “Paris violon” - Michel Legrand, Orchestrated by W. Coniglio

11) “L’Hymne a l’amour” (The Hymn to Love) - Edith Piaf, M. Monnot, Orchestrated by W. Coniglio

13) “Nos sentiments” – (Our Feelings) - Hervé Vilard,  Orchestrated by W. Coniglio

14) "Milord"-Edith Piaf,Orchestrated by W. Coniglio

15) "La vie est belle, le monde est beau"-Hervé Vilard,  Orchestrated by W. Coniglio

16) "I'm Tired"-Mel Brookes, Orchestrated by W. Coniglio

17) "La vie en rose"- Edith Piaf, Orchestrated by W. Coniglio

18) "Couleur menthe a l'eau"-Eddie Mitchell , orchestrated by W. Coniglio

                                          YOU TUBE PERFORMANCE of Elsie singing L'HYMNE A L'AMOUR  with orchestra:   

                                                                        L'Hymne a l'amour Elsie w orchsetra 2010

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