Elsie Parker &

The Poor People of Paris  cd #3 ('07)


Je t’aime encore (I Love You Still)

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                          1. Les mauvaises langues

                      Words by Phillipe Moreau  Music by Hervé Poinas


                                                               2  Insensiblement

                   Words & music by Paul Misraki

                   1941 S.E.M.I./Intersong, Paris


                                                                  3  Soldat

                                                  Words by Etienne Roda-Gil  Music by Franck Langolff


                        4 D’aventures en aventures

                   Words by Serge Lama Music by Yves Gilbert


5 Manque d'amour H. Spitz


                        6  Cri du Cœur

                   Words by Jacques Prévert  Music by Henri Crolla

                   S.E.M.I. 1960


La vie en rose

Words by Edith Piaf  Music by Louiguy


Le brun et le blond

Words by Henri Contet  Music by Marguerite Monnot

P.Beuscher 1943


Allemandes amères

Words & music by Oliver Bou


10  J’ai oublié d l’oublier

Claude Moine/Pierre Papadiamandis

E.M. Productions/K.A.P.


11 Que reste-t-il de nos amours? (I Wish You Love)

Words and music by Charles Trenet

1946 Editions Salabert


12  Gato, Gato

By Leandro “Gato” Barbieri


13  Les enfants qui pleurent

Words by Eddy Marnay   Music by Michel Legrand

1996 Editions Comufra


14  Le vin de Corse

T. Cutugno-Lulac/R. Ferri-T. Cutugno

French adaptation by Hervé Vilard & D. Barbelivien


15 Hier encore (Yesterday When I Was Young)

Words & music by Charles Aznavour



The musicians on this CD:

Elsie Parker, French vocals, tenor saxophone, flute

Michael Carosello, keyboard, piano

Wayne Coniglio, stringed bass, bass trombone, trumpet

Alan Schilling, drums, percussion    


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